Golf Associations

Red Rocks Country Club offers friendly, easy ways to find golf companions.

Looking to meet new golf mates or play in friendly club competitions? Try the Men's Golf Association (MGA), Ladies Golf Association (LGA), Ladies Tuesday Night League, Hilltoppers (members over age 50), Junior Golf or Ladies Golf 101.

Each group organizes fun, group tournaments, and other social events throughout the golf season, making it easy for members to get integrated into new groups of friends. Non-golfers are also welcome to join the groups at association meals and social events. We also offer the chance to play competitively with other clubs through interclub teams.


Junior Golf Program

Golf plays an important role in our line up of junior programs and activities.

Red Rocks Country Club Junior Golf Program incorporates the PGA Sports Academy into all of our Junior Golf Programs. With kids’ interests changing practically each and every minute and all of the electronic media distractions that draw them away from outdoor activities, we must adapt to this new way of thinking and conducting business. Golf professionals who are growing the game of golf must prove to kids that golf is more interesting than playing video games or watching television. The PGA Sports Academy takes an innovative approach to step outside the box and make a stronger connection between golf and fun.

The long-term goal of the PGA Sports Academy is to develop each individual’s physical and golf skills based on age and ability. Each student who goes through the PGA Sports Academy will most likely participate in some activities that appear to have no correlation to traditional golf instruction and the golf programs you have seen previously at Red Rocks Country Club. Activities such as kicking a soccer ball or playing golf baseball with a tennis ball may seem to have little relevance to golf. However, they are building fundamental motor skills to perform a golf swing – such as timing, balance, and coordination. The curriculum recognizes that many kids do not initially possess the motor skills required to make a golf swing. These skills need to be developed in order to make learning golf easier, and more enjoyable for them.


Golf Lessons & Clinics

Red Rocks Country Club's professional golf staff offers a comprehensive golf instructional program tailored to meet the needs of players' different ability levels.

Instruction is simple, understandable and results-oriented. Our main goal is to instruct students in all aspects of learning to play golf. We will help you increase your understanding of the game as well as improve and master your skills. Classes and private lessons are available.

Core Philosophies:

Provide a comfortable learning environment
Instruct players of all ability levels
Understand common ball flight laws
Build lasting student-instructor relationships and introduce players to others with similar abilities and comfort levels

Ladies Golf 101

(LG101) is tailored for lady golfers who are looking for a social and non-competitive atmosphere to learn the basics of golf including formats, rules, etiquette, and fundamentals


Clinics will cover specific aspects of the game: chipping/pitching, putting, sand traps, drivers, rules, etiquette, and scoring.
All ladies welcome (golf and social members)
*Golf Members Sign-up on ForeTees
**Social Members call the Pro Shop to Sign up and make Tee TimesLG101


~Playdates are times specifically for Ladies 101 members to play 9-holes with other 101 Ladies
~Golf Members: No restrictions ~Social Members may play in specified playdates for NO CHARGE 
~Social Members are welcome to participate in the other playdates but will pay regular guest fees per social membership club policy.

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